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Corner Junction Bluegrass was created by five guys with a true passion for bluegrass music:

Neal Brown on bass, Allen Gratton on mandolin, George Seymour on banjo, Willy Dallas on fiddle, and Ernie Minetti on guitar.

We have previously played in bands such as Hidden Drive Band, Possum Livin, New Cross Country, Steel Rail, and Bluegrass Revisited.

Since coming together in 2021, we have been privileged to share our unique take on bluegrass with live performances across Vermont.


Our band's sound draws inspiration from the original Bluegrass bands:

Flatt and Scruggs, Jimmy Martin, Don Reno, Dillard’s, and the originator of bluegrass, Bill Monroe.

The Corner Junction Bluegrass Band is all about fast-paced bluegrass music.

Our combination of deep harmony, strong leads, and bluesy sound creates a musical experience like no other. 

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